Prophetic Word

Thursday, May 14th 2020


     For I have heard your prayer all of those people that has been taken from Israel coming to America looking for Jesus. I’m bringing hope to a dying nation. I have called you to regurgitate those things and sins. Focus on the new quit looking in your rear view mirror. I am new I am God put your situation in my hands. Put your situation in my hand quit looking through the rear view mirror. Listen to your Pastor, follow the pathway it is clear it is not rocky it is solid. Don’t look through the rearview looking at  past. A path that the angels have laid out that the angels have treaded upon.  Harvest of Harmony international church in 2020, I have solidified my intercessors. To focus on me you must first reset just like I called Elijah the widow will sustain you. Don’t look at this and say how did this happen? For the dirty bird was sent to feed Elijah. What you are calling unclean. How dare you say it cannot happen? We are crossing over the men will lead first. New doors, new opportunities, habits, hobbies, lifelines. When you cross over you have to focus! Don’t come with your own thoughts. This is your season money will never be an issue to you. I am your resource don’t fear your job. Quit, focusing there is no fear. Don’t let your eyes wander stay focused I’m about to show you  my Glory! Don’t worry about finances, I will never let money be a problem I have 1000’s of jobs.  Money will never be an issue to you. I am your resource don’t fear your job. If your job lays you off I got a 1000 job’s. Leave that office shouting and leaping because I have other opportunities. Rejoicing in the old Glory days! I have called you to regurgitate sin. COVID-19 was for your focus Harvest of Harmony. “Harmony” brings the Harvest, same note same key. You are going to be my hope of Glory! Harvest of Harmony that is the glue of the ministry “harmony.’ When there is harmony that is when everything comes together. God is doing a tune up each one of the notes have to be in tune for the music to sound great! When there is harmony that is when the harvest comes. I have heard your prayers-coming to amend persecution and to bring hope to a dying nation. I release my message to the house. Specific orders to the Man of God. Giving him specific orders. Leaders-humility. The baby has to come forth you have been pregnant too long. Inducing labor pains the baby must come forth  I set up order before the baby could come. Don’t look through the rearview mirror of what could have been. Asking the why’s? New patterns, new hobbies, new friends. God is raising up priests. The men will lead first. Don’t worry about money that will never be a problem. Don’t be afraid of man. I set up order-out of order sign because things have been out of order. You had to see before I created order. You are  created in my image and my likeness. If there is nothing out of order in your life. I created the heavens and the earth. Seven days I created order let there be a man created in my likeness. Everything must be in order, what man has called impossible I feed with the dirty bird. What you have called foolish and unclean.  I fed Elijah every day from a dirty bird. God takes the foolish things of his world to confound the wise. Faith- negative eye, your eye can be rebellious. God is moving move on the path that is a clear path. Recognize but stay focused. Isaiah 43:18-19- Listen and follow!!!

 Thursday, May 28th 2020


     On that Great and Mighty day we will hear the sound of the trumpet from far and near. Those big and small from all over the world and in those remote areas across the land. My people will be drawn to the sound and ascend to me in my holy place. Even the animals will hear the sound and look in awe at my Majesty and in that moment my glory will be revealed. Let those who have an ear hear what the spirit of the Lord is saying.